Making point system more sensible

  • As a cricket fan, I couldn't resisted to put forward the views about the point system. There are couple of suggestions that should be sincerely considered to make the points distribution more professionally and justifiable:

    1. Injustice to measure the performance across different formats with same scale: Since the conditions and scenarios are different, you could not take the same parameters to classify the good vs bad performance spanning different formats. Making 50 runs in ODI is equivalent to 30 runs in t20, taking 5 wickets haul is same as 3 wickets in t20. So, the perks(of bonus points) should also be given according to the respective set of rules, otherwise it's really unfair to the system.

    2. Add new parameters to give points(especially for bowler): Presently, there are very limited set of rules available for deciding the points. But, say for a bowler, number of dot balls, economy rate, etc. also matters as they give much fair idea of the performance of a bowler. Otherwise, a bowler gone for 11 runs per over and picking 2 wickets, will be treated same as other bowler who has picked 2 wickets but at the cost of only 4 runs per over.

    I hope to incorporate these so that fans, like me, find it more joy and fair to play.

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