How do we know that the RANK 1 in any of the top IPL contests in Dream 11 is genuine and not fake?

  • Dear Dream 11 team,

    I am a regular contestant on dream 11 and participate in a lot of contests. The platform is very good and easy to navigate. Though all is well, sometimes this question crosses my mind that, "How do we (the contestants) know whether the person who's RANK 1/2/3 in IPL Mega contests is actually genuine and not somebody from Dream 11 who's made his way from the back end.
    It could be either be a Dream 11 employee / software guy who created this app, who can access and code his way from the back end before the match concludes and create a team of players that have performed, making him Rank1. Or could be anything else.

    Can you throw some light on this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • You can download all the teams before the starting and check the team of the first ranker in the list.

  • @gawal54tu everyone gets this doubt, but you can download contest PDF, but dream11 should post their details . they only post few ads in cricbuzz and other sites of some winners why cant they post top winner photoes daily.

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