pan and account details not verified

  • H**lo dream11, i have been playing on dresm since last 1 year but recemtly during this ipl i became frequent user here so i decided to link my pan card and account which i did some 8-10 days ago but unfortunately its been not approved yet. Could you please look into that as 2-3 other friends of mine or facing the same issue

  • H**lo Sir, I too having the same issue. I have been waiting for more than ten days for my pan card verification itself. I would like to play more challenges with higher amount but because of this issue i am loosing my trust in this dream11. if you provide sufficient support or response for the email it could be better to believe and participate further. We also understand an team will be working behind with this with lots of pressure however being an participator i am paying money for your account where as if we are not getting any response means please think. It will be an hard feeling for those who are playing. please provide your support as soon as possible. Thank you.

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