Can't be able to verify my Mobile on withdrawal money

  • Hi Team,

    I have a two Dream11 App on my mobile and preferably I use my App through Google Chrome and second App which I installed very often I use..

    today morning I was just trying to withdraw my balance from chrome app which was not happening and asking for verification your Mobile so I did it, then that portal was prompting your no. is verified with another account, I do not understand that initially I started playing through chrome and after some days I installed second App with same mobile no then I didn't got any pop-ups or information that your mobile has been registered with existing chrome account app, how come this possible when at the time of playing u can gather money from us from both app and at the time of returning prompting some useless reason... how could you do this to your regular Consumers I need get rid of it and wanted me to verify my account with mobile..

    Kamlesh Kumthekar

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