Dream 11 admins and management team hope u are listening....

  • This is my second post here.
    BUt what can i do; its so much irritaing seeing the new layout again and again.. that instead of spending my time in joining league i have to waste my time here and write f*** ing reviews .

    First and foremost you have to keep in mind that all your users are not app users. there are huge number of members who use website platform to create team and join leagues.
    For those you have to make note of the following

    1. make that clone option available in website version otherwise its so much irritaing to go back to that app again and again if we need to create any kind of duplicate teams.

    2) Create team option needs to be something similar like that was in the previous version. its much easier on eye to add and remove players by crossing the players icons that was present in the easier version .or do something similar that is now the team preview . IN team preview or create team option keep the option of removing a player just by simply crossing on their face icon that was present in the old version. in the new layout you have to search the player from the list whom you need to remove and then again search whom you want to add.its very much time consuming.. Bring back the option of filter also.previous we could easily filter a team simply by ticking or unticking on the box icon.and then sort on the basis of points or credit.but under the new layout its not possible to filter a team and then sort on the basis of points or credit and hence again its consuming a lot of time.

    1. Now in joining leagues previously we could directly see our oponents when we used to click on leagues. but now after clicking on leagues we have to again click on view leaderboard and then join leagues. useless extra clicks and again time consuming.

    2. In PC android operating system site opening ok in chrome and monzila broiwsers but in other browsers like UC ; Stardust browsers the alignment is not all all proper. If i could have the option of sharing pics here i could have shown how horrible it looked in other android operating system. Think for those who needs to open 4-5 tabs at the same time to search for oponent in different leagues.

    These are some of the basic drawbacks but in total the new portal is so frustating for us.

    KIndly bring back that old site back or do something which looks something similar like the old site or else I will be one of the guys who will say Good bye to this site very soon..and i m sure there are thousands out here who have the same concern.

    Rajyuvi007 ( Dream 11 member since early 2016 )

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