Problem with the name in profile

  • Dear Dream 11 team,

    I have verified my bank several times & tried withdrawal, but all the time the withdrawal was processed but failed at the end.
    I clearly believe the reason for transaction failure is the difference in names in my profile & bank account. I entered my name as “ Nayak Laxman Roja “ in my dream 11 account ( which is same as in PAN card ). But my bank account is having the name “ Roja Laxman Nayak “ . The difference in names are because of the misplacement of First-Middlle-Last names. Kindly change my name in dream 11 account as “ Roja Laxman Nayak “.
    I really want to play more in dream 11 once the issue is solved & one of my withdrawal happens successfull. Please help.

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