Regarding expiration of cash bonus.

  • Dear Dream 11 team.

    I had cash bonus of 23k because of your back to back offer so i have deposited around 23k to get this. There was no time limit to use it in term and condition when i got it. You should clearly let us know as till when we should use it. So that we can not take extra cash bonus.
    Now i have lost my deposited money. And suddenly my cash bonus(around 11k) is expired. Also how can i use this much cash bonus if i can use it only 25 rs per match without using other money.
    I am very depressed because of this.
    I have sent repeatedly sent email about it also.
    but there was no reply.
    So please check and revert my cash bonus .
    please check attachments.![1_1531675701396_Screenshot_20180714-122826.png](Uploading 100%) ![0_1531675701396_Screenshot_20180711-173936 croped.png](Uploading 100%)

    Thanks and regards

  • 25 per match restriction is lifted. Now for every public contest you can use 10% of the bonus amount. Also the cash bonus expires after 90 days from its credit date. I think that is sufficient time to utilize it.

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