some type of conspiracy is occuring in dream 11

  • After participating in many contest i have watched that there is some type of conspiracy occuring in contests.Perticularly in head to head contest whenever i select playing 11 and vc and c then i see the opposite player's playing 11 is same as mine also the vc and c also it is possible.chances of playing 11 may be same but vc nad c can't be same in most of cases.It seems to be the opposite player can see my team before locking and arrange his team according to it.i have checked it many times.But result is same every time.i intensionally chose an unimportant player as c nad vc to check it.astonishingly my opposite player also kept the it is possible.then how can we win if someone arrange team according to our team.its totally disappointing.if you have to do such type of cheating why you doing all these many people are wasting their time and money and you simply take the game.very ridiculous

  • H**lo Sir, I want to delete my Dream11 account permanently

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