It's celebration time! Ready for a Cash Bonus?

  • It's celebration time! Ready for a Cash Bonus?

    Happy Independence Day to all our users!

    Here’s what you need to do:

    Deposit EXACTLY Rs.1947 and get Rs.815 Cash Bonus
    Deposit EXACTLY Rs.72 and get Rs.47 Cash Bonus

    Make the deposit from 12:00:00 hours on Aug 15, 2018 till IST 23:59:59 hours on Aug 15, 2018. That’s it!

    Once you complete the above steps, the Cash Bonus will be credited to your Dream11 Account by 23:59:59 hours on Aug 16, 2018.

    The maximum Bonus Amount that may be credited to your Cash Bonus Account pursuant to this Promotion is INR 862. This is the sum total of cash bonus which will be credited if a user were to participate in each offer once. Also, the offer is valid only for first 2,00,000 depositors!

    Any amount spent by you in entering any private pay-to-play contest or any public contests with less than ten (10) users will not be considered for the purposes of this Promotion.
    Cash Bonus credited which remains unutilized after a period of 90 days will be expired automatically.

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