There is no best competitive league and web page issues has been not solved

  • Dear Dream 11 Management,

    There is no best competitive/useful league are not realising nowadays always your team is realising 26 Rs league with many contestants which is not always useful.

    In 26Rs league there no good prize money and huge contestants which end with very bad.

    Request you to realise the league (Rs 299*6666 Teams ) league value is 1500000 and 1st prize amount is 5 lacks or 499 leagues which is useful for everyone

    Kindly improve the web page and release/provide useful and good leagues for your better dream 11 growth.

  • I feel 26/- contest is good with 62,500 & 1,25,000 winners but don't like 12,000 & 35,000/- winners ....these contents filling rates is very very slow. I don't know why there are still continuing these.. See CPL2018 filling rate and compare with blast 12,000 winners contest.... Bcz when I see 62500/125000 contest immediately joined contest but I prefer H2H contest than 12000&35000 contest. Please change accordingly. Little disappoint cash bonus offers 815 on 1947 it is not even more than 50% ....its too bad.....

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