Team Changes should be allowed till the first ball is bowled

  • I have always believed that fantasy is not a gambling and it needs skill but here on Dream11, the rules make it no less than a gambling.
    Even you guys would understand that it is next to impossible to predict the XI of the A tours where team Changes are frequent. In such cases, we should be allowed to make Changes in our team till the first ball is bowled.
    Otherwise luck becomes a major factor

  • It should be allowed till the first ball Bcz in most of the cases, DNP in last previous players performs well and majority of the users not selecting those DNP players and loss the race. Whereas Cheaters gave those DNP as C/VC and won the race.... I don't think it is not favourable to normal, genuine users. May be Dream11 reserves some users for won the race. I realized that repeated users are coming in the top list. It's impossible to come 3-4 times as 1st rank. Even I didn't see any winning post in FB. If any normal user gets first prize immediately will upload to FB. Finally Im still continuing to play Bcz I neither won nor loss my hard earned money in dream11 but I spending valuable time with dream11 and related apps. I personally not suggesting these fantasy games to anybody due wastage of time and mental tension. I believe that if D11 allows till first ball it will give huge loss to dream11 Bcz normal users will get chance to win the race......

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