Dream11 not follow its fair play

  • I was joined ₹26 contest for JOZ vs PR eliminator match on 14th Dec through contest invite code.
    Later this match was abandoned.
    As per the dream11's f**king fair play they should refund that 26₹ to my dream11 wallet.
    Even I got an immediate e-mail that says
    """""""The 14 Dec 18 JOZ vs PR has been abandoned & your entry fees has been refunded to your Dream11 wallet"""""""".

    They not yet refund it till now... This is not a first time they did this......
    Where is the dream11's fair play gone!!!!!!
    """""If ur game is all legal means why are u not providing an toll free or any other contact number for the players queries"""
    If you(dream11) have guts reply me.....

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