i need GST rates for the buying gold chain?

  • I need the GST rates for gold chain. I have decided to buy the gold coin and chain for my sister. Next week engagement function will be conduct in my home. My friend and uncle to helping me to select the best design for her. I am getting all related news and business GST registration works from online. I have collected more important information and methods from my pages. I am getting the best group for getting the discussion and good process for GST registration. i am getting the new business. I need to collect the gold and metals buying price and what are the GST rates are added for that. I have searched more times in online. But i cannot get the exact details. Please share me the accurate information and details here. I have applied the best sources for online. My friends and supportive person are given their thoughts and reviews in my mail box. I am saving all the GST rates and news in my drive. I have used the best online method for collecting those details.
    I am choosing the best wedding design in online. It is getting good color and matching with the wedding saree. My sister is also really like to buy that. I am very happy. Price is also considering for GST rates. But the bill is not getting the GST rates as separate. It is added with prices. I cannot find the exact GST rates for that. How to find it? Did you get any idea for collecting those details? I am needed the GST news and updates. I have collected the reference links and articles for online. It is really nice and getting good updates also. I need to get the real sources and pages here. Please help me to know about that.

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