OFFICIAL THREAD: We’re improving the Dream11 desktop and mobile site

  • We love the passion that we see in your feedback - this is what drives us to provide you with a better Dream11 every single day. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts here. We will definitely try and incorporate as many as possible.

    You wanted to know why we changed our site to the current look. It was to ensure:

    • Speed: We’re sure you’ve seen an improvement in loading times
    • Easy access: We’ve launched a bottom navigation menu for quick access to all your favourite features
    • ‘My Contests’: Now you can see all your joined contests for all matches in one place
    • Dream11's apps’ new features: Easier payments, series-wise match sorting, switching between sports effortlessly, etc. for both desktop and mobile web
    • Contest sorting: Browse contests easily by winnings, number of teams, number of winners and entry fees
    • ‘Me’ Page: Your contests, profile, information, history - everything you in one place

    Thanks to your awesome feedback, here are some of the features of the old site that we will bring back soon:

    • Background image: We’ve changed this to make it more appealing to all sports fans
    • Clone Team: Create multiple teams faster!
    • Team Preview: View all your teams as you create them
    • Notification Centre: Don’t miss a single alert
      … and much more!

    So please be patient and trust us. We promise that we listen to everything you say. We will continue to improve your Dream11 experience every day.

  • Why you not giving the option to the users to choose between older and newer version of the website😠 ?
    An option should be available in next update to switch to old website.

  • Please dont spoil mobile version by upgrading , Desktop version is already spoiled by your hard work which you call as improvement

  • in mobile version site is really suck the older version is best

  • old website working new website irritating .no switch team option.dont told updating site its degrading

  • Is it too hard for you guys to understand? In simple words we do not want any new "awesome" features. Revert it back to older version.

  • Why dream11 cash contests ban for odisha...are we outsiders of India...why we odisha's suffer??

  • Goodbye Dream11 .

    we are leaving for ever. we don't even like to open your website.

    your customers

  • @dream11 Hey guy speed is not improved. Please get back to old one and make improvements to that UI. This is really irritating. #NewVersionSucks.

  • @dream11 [censored] Now days better than Dream11...Dream11 full glitches and wrong points updation. so please All Play [censored]....

    dream11 have worst customer service. you guys not replying any mail...

  • @ajayk1555uv said in OFFICIAL THREAD: We’re improving the Dream11 desktop and mobile site:


    Dream 11 please provide the website like user friendly not has dream 11 friendly
    which ever is added in new website portal its not useful for non of us.

  • Sir my money got deducted from dream11 wallets and not transfer to the bank account and then money not reversed to the dream11 account and i am trying to contact you for last three days
    Plz plz help me

  • @dream11 This is not a new version, it is actually the old mobile version. If it is a web version then why the 70% of page is not used or blank,why are you wasting that huge space.The actual problem is old web version has security issues and players losing their money by illegal login by others.That is why they are removed the site.But due to the new site players are leaving the site ,any one is satisfied with the new site.They are moving to My Team11,Halaply etc.Are you notice that after the change into the new site, the contests are not filling up. Actually dream 11 is killing their site. This is a humble request please revert back to the old site, otherwise Dream11 will lose huge no players.

  • @dream11 afg vs zim match which is going on right now... Guy on no.1 chose ahmadi as Captain whch is surprising because ahmadi didn't play a single match before this...i think you guys are doing fraud with ppl

  • @singh6911de My friends Cap Also Ahmadi....

  • itni badi bewakufi ki hai inhone ke kahane ke liye word kam pad ja c*******a hai .old look leke aawo web ka. itna hi sauk hai dhansu update ka to look switch ka option de dete. dimag jhund ho gya

  • Where is the notification option??
    Pls update that one

  • @singh6911de dream11 cant do anything with ahmadi...its captains decision to change team first u have to gather news to win

  • old version is better

  • Older version is very best

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