READ FIRST: Forum Rules and Guidelines

    • We’re so glad you’re here! We hope you will help create great conversations in our community.

    • Be nice to people. It's really that simple! We’ll remove bad stuff when we see it.

    • Respect and help the moderators. It’s a small team of dedicated, caring humans working hard to make things better.

    These best practices will help you get the most out of the Community!

    Search before posting
    It is highly possible that a question/query/thought you have has already been discussed and resolved. Search for a topic before posting.

    Think of a descriptive title
    A clear, concise title will help others to easily understand your question and answer quickly. This also helps users with similar questions, allowing them to search and find the answer.

    Communicate Thoughtfully
    We all get upset from time to time, but it’s best to remain calm when posting. For example, you should refrain from posting in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

    Don’t post personal information
    Never share your personal information on the forum.

    This community is a space for users of all levels who are interested in sports. Our aim is to build a safe and productive community, without the need for formal moderation. However, Dream11 administrators are present in the forum to ensure healthy conversation and will delete anything that violates forum rules.

    We may revise the rules given below at any point in order to keep the community clean, user-friendly, and safe.

    • SPAM: Promoting your projects here will be treated like any other spam.

    • PERSONAL ATTACKS/TROLLING: Don't attack or insult another user. Don’t be a troll. Be nice and we’re good

    • ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES: Posting links to illegal and services is NOT okay

    • NSFW MATERIAL: Pornographic material, vile language, gore and generally gross stuff will not work here

    • RACISM, SEXISM OR ANY KIND OF DISCRIMINATION: You’ll be banned for any such activity

    Above all, our team of moderators works to keep the conversation here friendly, engaging, helpful, and productive.

    See any of the above? You can help us out by flagging (more on that below). Any comments that are a reply to spammy/inappropriate/trolling comments will also be deleted with the original comment, so don't reply — just flag!

    Comments are a great way to connect with the Dream11 community. Every comment also has a few links associated with it:

    • REPLY: Use this to reply to that specific comment.

    • RECOMMEND: Click the "Recommend" link to upvote see it get more visibility

    • FLAG: This is the link you use to report a post to the moderators. Our moderators work really hard, please help them help you!

    It’s important to know that comments are threaded and if the top comment in a thread is a problem, we may delete it, and that will delete all the replies to it.

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