One Player with Two names. Yesterday night's match (PES v/s MUL)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been regularly playing on Dream 11 since past 1 year, yesterday night in Peshwawar v/s Multan match, one player named Mohammed Irfan who was also available for selection on dream 11 as Mohammed Irfan Khan.

    How can Dream 11 put same player with 2 names on Dream 11 and one player points are updated and others points are not updated.

    I have screenshots to prove that Dream 11 made a big bl**der in yesterdays match by putting one player under two names for selection on Dream 11.

    Mohammed Irfan and Mohammed Irfan Khan is one and the same player, as per dream 11 Mohammed Irfan did not play yesterday therefore whoever selected him got zero points and whoever selected Mohammed Irfan Khan got updated points.

    I lost all matches yesterday because I selected Mohammed Irfan and got zero points for him and others who selected Mohammed Irfan Khan got good points because he picked up couple of wickets.

    I have all the proof to prove my point, I am waiting for an explanation from Dream 11 on this very important issue which will decide weather I will continue to play on dream 11 or not.

  • Bro, there are two players with those names but the one to whom they gave the points didn't play!!

  • I think this is a scam, I have also tried sending emails but they are not responding. They might have taken Mohammed Irfan khan so points have gone to him. Just checked team list for tonight match where they have updated photo of Mohammed Irfan under Mohammed Irfan khan.

    If they are f*****g us then we all need to stop playing dream 11 and instead can play other games, that's the way I think k can teach them a lesson.

    Guys please trend this thread "Uninstall fake Dream 11"

  • @vykun9st Impossible there are two players with same name, mohammad Irfan and Mohammad Irfan Khan both are one and the same player. Dream 11 made a big bl**der which they have to accept.

  • @kunwa1362ij search on google Mohammad Irfan and Mohammad Irfan Khan both are one player. anybody can explain that??

  • @dines25489qr They are giving refference of Multan Sultans Official Website.

    In other forum same discussion is going on.

  • There are two players in MS squad 'Mohammad Irfan and Irfan Khan'.
    Dream11 written their name wrongly Mohammad Irfan khan for Mohammad Irfan & Mohammad Irfan for Irfan Khan'.
    You all can check this link http://pak istan-super-league-psl-teams-and-squads/

    Note- There are two spaces between k and i in link because We can't user that country name in comment box. you can edit above link. ![0_1519463487391_Screenshot (19).png](Uploading 100%)

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