how about batting on team ???? In India vs Africa match .i bat on india for 20 rupees and some other bat on africa for 20 rupee who won take 35 rupee.

  • Please sat a pro mode in dream11 ,so we can play a batting on teams.
    i paly for india so you can find my oponent who play for africa and make a private contest for us ..if there is no oponenet for my team then conents fails and money will be added to my account..
    batting must be like 20,30,40,50 so you can easily find opponent.
    you have strong user base of 2 crores..easily more then 50 lakhs + palys this pro mode in IPL
    In IPL there is more effected further then icc matches.
    Think about this....And thankyou for new update new update work with us is best option...again thankyou and think about this pro mode

  • @nihal985no
    Betting is not legal in India Nehal.

  • but we pay tax if winning money is above 10000 .. like fantsy system.
    and this private contest in d11 is like betting..between 2 member for real money.
    Are you from dream11 team or fantcy player like me???

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