Wigan vs Manchester City match wrong points. 😭

  • Dear sir,
    I lost my money because of your wrong points. 😭😭
    Jacobs won 3 tackle points and KDB have 20 passes.
    Please I want my money back. 😭😭😭

    Sent mail with pictures several times and said with your employee he asked all the questions and I answered it. Explained him well and that it was wrong points which you're provided. Please reply me and I'm fear for playing football in Dream 11 you might provide points. 😭😭😭
    Hope for a reply from you.

  • @msuha35yz please reply. 😭😭 @Dream11 😭

  • @msuha35yz Thanks for writing in. We just want to clarify that we use Opta as a service provider for all our stats. Based on the stats they gave us, Jacobs made 2 successful tackles and De Bruyne made 16 successful open play passes. The points scored based on these stats are final as per our T&Cs.

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