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  • The official thread to share your suggestions and feedback about contests.

  • ENG vs NZ (2nd ODI)

    Pay 6 win 47


    Join join.

  • While joining leagues for Six teams we should be able to select or mark teams at a single go instead of clicking on leagues each time for a team

  • Please bring back the old leagues with attractive first price. And even the 20 members league just go with 5 winners only. Lot of players stopped playing that because of the more number of winners.

  • plzz guys bring back those 20 members 5 winners CONTESTS ....we dnt need 7/10 winners in 20 mmbrs ...those contests were so good and attractive that LEAGUES used to fill so so fast ! even when there were 3-4 matches at the same time during BBL/WBBL/SUPERSMASH these 20 members were used to fill so so fast ! even at 1:00AM these leagues fills so fast ! I too have stopped playing regularly once u guys have removed those 20 mmbrs....dont know u guys will read these comments or not but i badly want those 20 mmbrs with ONLY 5 winners back ! thnxx

  • This post is deleted!

  • Please bring back 20 members with 5 winners only leagues and also revert back to classic version of desktip and mobile site .

  • @dream11 please bring back 20 member leagues. The new leagues are not encouraging and we have lost our passion and interest to play. Please bring back 20 member leagues

  • @dream11 please bring back 20 member leagues with 5 winners. The news one are just not good. I know you're caring about new users who put money and if they lose they sit back. But please do care of your old users.

  • Plz bring back 20 mem leagues with 5 winner.

    There are lot of advantage of that-

    1. Filling rate is very fast even at 3:00am.
    2. No need to wait for filling league so one can join his league any time.
    3. With lot of league there is so much confusion. And leagues are filling very slow.
      So there are lot users simultaneously resulting in slow server response and bugs(I have already sent you the bugs through dream11 help desk).

    4.due to slow filling, no one can join his favorite league.

    1. Prize distribution for this league is very satisfying. So customer satisfaction is there.

    If you want do experiment, bring more 20 mem league with different amount but only with 5 winner.

    You can also bring 13 mem league with 4 winner also.

    At last please bring mega contest with handsome prize distribution.

  • Please bring back those 20 memeber with only 5 winners. They were more profitable than 7or 10 winner . We dont need 7 or 10 winner..

  • @dream11 please bring back 35 entry 50k 1st price winning, increase members from 6000 to 8000(old 7500). 59 entry 1 lakh first prize increase members from 5333 to 7000(old 6666).

  • i dnt know y u guys are MAKING so many changes at one go ? y not to leave the option of which leagues to JOIN to the users ? just add OLD+NEW leagues together and let the uses join !

    u guys are forcing us to JOIN 10 winners 20 mmbrs & 9 winners 11 mmbrs ! but sorry to say WE ARE NOT SO FOOL we are here for profit only purpose not for time waste ! if we are not getting any significant amnt of profit then we have to look for another site like myteam11 etc ! i used to play daily n used to join 20 mmbrs leagues with 5 WINNERS ONLY bcz they were profitable/attractive & used to fill fast but now u guys have ruined everything with ur EGO ! u guys want to do watever appears profitable to ur company ONLY !

    and mine last question is that y u guys are asking for useless feedback when u guys have not implemented anything so far based on users feedback ?

    plzz bring 20 mmbrs with 5 WINNERS ONLY ...these 9 winners n 10 winners leagues are not so good !

  • I want to say that I want 20 members 5 winners league back that was used to me more profitable for me.And please improve desktop site and mobile site , the older version was better than this. Thanking you

  • @dream11 ignore what people says. New contests arr lit. โค๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • @dream11 Bring back 20 members 5 winner leagues. That's what everyone wants. Experimenting so much in such short time can backfire.

  • Bring some leagues based on our levels for example my level is 1 then all users should join this league only with level 1 so that is would be fair competition , 50-100 levels users join other leagues no other level user can join that i hope you understand , and that 75rs league is total waste dont ruin the old leagues they were best bring back them thanx

  • Dream11 Administrators.
    Please update the status of New webpage, when your going come back with user friendly webpage.

  • only grands which fair and exciting in dream11 is 249 1000 members and you stopped those? less profit for u in those? amd also 20 men 1st prize reduced considerably 480 20 men 2000 from 4000?

  • @ashok112yz and ๐Ÿ†“ contests Should also be Added more and more so that we can put other ๐Ÿteams by paying๐Ÿ’ฑ money๐Ÿ’ฐ ๐Ÿค”thinking ๐Ÿ’ญ to pay money๐Ÿ’ธ for 2โƒฃsecond teams or getting ๐Ÿ˜ฎexcited about โž•putting โž•More Teams To Win Big๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ

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