Tournament long Fantasy League for IPL 2018, with limited number of changes.

  • @Dream11 I would suggest dream11 should have a tournament long fantasy league for the IPL2018 . Wherein the participnts would select 11 players at the start of the tournament and they can make limited number of changes through out the tournament. I know there would be some modifications to be taken care of at the development front however a huge platform like dream 11 can always take care of this.

    For the benifit of dream11 it will nullify all the other competition globally and would make the game more tactical and strategic.
    Dream11 can have an entry of around 100rs (or more) for such a league and there would be only 5-10 winners for the league with grand prizes.
    Such a league should also have the liberty for making "your own contest" however the players will have to pay for this aswell.
    I believe this would be a great step ahead for @dream11. This ipl league would also give a great opportunity to position dream11 as a strategic and tactical platform amongst the ardent cricket followers. Would also help in locating dream 11 as a cricket intellect platform. Might even lead to creating a thought leadership platform.

    Awaiting reply
    Prakhar Arya

  • @prakh1300mn pl revert on the above suggestion @Dream11

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