Why there are no leagues of 11 n 20 members for Fantasy Football ?

  • Hi Dream11,

    Why there are no leagues of 11 members and 20 members in Fantasy Football since last 2 months ? There are only 2 leagues of 11 mem - Rs-33 nd 66 of 11 members so where are other leagues of Rs-110, 330, 549, 1099 for 11 members ?

    Same for 20 members as there is only 1 league of Rs-60 for 20 members, where are other leagues such as Rs-180, 480, 899, 1199 ?
    You have not put all leagues in fantasy football matches for European League, EPL, Champions League since last 2-3 months but there were all leagues in ISL matches as there were 90 league matches and we all playd nd joined in big leagues.

    But today Playoffs have started of ISL and all leagues of 11 n 20 members are gone - Why Sir Why ? Now there are 5 matches remaining of ISL as 2 leg semi-finals and a final and dream11 has taken out leagues so what we have to join nd play with ? There is only 1 league of 20 mem that is Rs-60 so how many multiple times we join ? We have to wait for the group to finish and then again join in new group but sir it takes a lot of time and we have other work also to do, we cant just seat waiting for this leagues to fill nd re-join, If there is big leagues then we join with our teams and can do other work and can check again after sometime to re-join the leagues. In every match of ISL - I have joined atleast 5 leagues of 180 - 20 members, 2 leagues of 480, 1 league of 330, 549, 899, 1199 of 11 n 20 mem and many other leagues so mostly all leagues are filled so i request dream11 to put all big leagues of 11 n 20 members for all fantasy football matches and especially ISL and Champions League matches as users are eagerly waiting to join n play in big leagues.

    Plz start leagues asap so that we start playing and join in that leagues as we are not enjoying playing in small n limited leagues on d11, waiting for positive feedback from Dream11.

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