Please Change Winning Amount Rate

  • Dear Admin,
    between 50,000 players its very hard to get a place within 100 also. if we get at least that place also we wont get happiest amount at least, their we may get around 50-100 rupees (INR), so its feel bad about that place also. when you give 70,000 - 1,00,000 for 1st place winner why can't you reduce some amount from that place and distribute that amount to the behind winners? it will make much happy to them also and people will like to play or join more games. its my opinion. please think about this. Instead of Making 1 fellow to Millionaire, please help others also to earn some money at least ~ ~ ~ ~ FRIENDS,,, Please APPROACH THIS ADMIN by giving your opinion here if I AM RIGHT...!!!

  • Right, getting very lesser amount does not encourage for the next game as well

  • This post is deleted!

  • @deepa79211fg = THANK YOU

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