JOining of contest during deadline time almost became impoosible with extra clicks

  • Joining of contest became almost impossible in last hr bfore deadline.

    Previously in old site to join any 2 member contest we needed only 2 clicks. 1) clicking on the money amount icon and then clicking on join contest.

    But now if we have more than 1 teams we have to click 3 times one exra click for selecting team 1 or team 2 or so on. actually you need to bring tht old tile structure back where selection of playing with team 1 or team 2 used to come only as an option in a tiled format during joining..rather than a seperate page,.

    As I said its almost impossible to join contest even 1 hr bfore deadline time if we have more than 1 teams . BY the time we are trying to enter someone elses entering.

    and secondly switching of team was so fast previously.since it was on a tiled format and a single page we could have easily switched 10-12 lgs in seconds..but now swiching of teams is such a tedious task..u need to make atleast 3 -4 clicks evert time go back go fowd.. nd so on nd on..

    PLease kindly look into this matter.

  • abbb 12rs wali league kregaa to yahi hogaa....vo garrebon ki league h 12rs wali ...absolute wastage of tym ...join big amnt prblem in those !

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