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    • What type of contests can I join? What are Public & Private Contests?
      You can join a host of Public Cash Contests like the Mega Contest, Special Contests, Head-To-Head Contests and more. You can join Cash Contests to win real money! You can also join the free-to-play Practice Contests to hone your skills. What’s more, you can create your own Private Contests to compete with your friends! Decide how many members you want, what the winnings are and a lot more in Private Contests. This is where Dream11 gets even more awesome! Public contests are open for all to join; whereas private contests let you invite & challenge your friends in the same contest. You can invite your friends by email or through Facebook. Only those who have the code for a Private Contest can join that contest.

    • How do I know if a contest has a single winner or more than one winner? How many winners will be announced for contests with multiple winners?
      Every contest clearly states the winning amount and the total number of winners. You can even find out the winners break-up when you tap on the number of winners.The winners will vary for different contests. The number of winners in a contest will be shown by clicking on the 'Multiple Winners' link and this information will be disclosed as soon as the contest is made available to join.

    • How is the prize money distributed in case of multiple winners? What happens if there is a tie between winners of a multiple winner contest?
      The prize money that each winner will receive is explained in detail by clicking on the total winners for that contest. Please note that taxes will be deducted as applicable on winnings above Rs. 10,000 as per Government regulations.
      In case of a tie between winners of a multiple winner contest for any position, the prize money for the winner's position and the immediately next winning position (if any), and so forth in accordance with the number of tied winners, will be aggregated and shared equally among the tied winners. All other prize money will remain as per the winner's standing.

    For example: If there are 2 winners tied for the 1st position, the sum of the 1st and 2nd position prize money will be distributed equally between these 2 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded the prize money for the 3rd position.

    • What happens if a match is abandoned?
      If a match is abandoned, the match will be cancelled on Dream11 and the entry fees will be refunded to your Dream11 account in under 2 hours. This will only include scenarios where the match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled, and when the match is abandoned after it has started.


    1. If a match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled i.e. the status is 'Match abandoned without a ball bowled', the points earned by the players during that match will be considered as 0.
    2. If the match is abandoned after it has started i.e. the status is 'No Result' the points earned by the players from the abandoned match will be considered in the fantasy scorecard.

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